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The Last of the Family Comes Over
(That we know of)

On March 1, 1905, almost exactly 10 years after Pavol Lamza and his family set out across the Atlantic, two children of Eva Lamza Madala, Amelia and August, arrived on Ellis Island. Eva was a sister to Pavol, Andrew, Matthew, and Katherine who apparently stayed in Slovakia herself. Amelia and August arrived on the S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, which left the port of Bremen on February 21st. If you click on the smaller version of the manifest below, you will see the full-sized scan with their names on the very bottom of the list.

As you can see on the manifest, it says they are heading to their uncle Pavol Lamza in Moulton, Texas. shows the following information about their ship:

Norddeutscher Lloyd ship KAISER WILHELM DER GROSSE, built in 1897 by the Vulkan yard at Stettin, she was at the time the largest ship afloat. Her dimensions were 13,592 tons gross, length 627.4ft, beam 66ft, depth 35.8ft and she had a speed of over 22 knots. There was accommodation for 590-1st, 370-2nd and 800-steerage class passengers. She had a straight stem, two masts and four funnels. She sailed from Bremerhaven via Southampton to NY and held the transatlantic speed record at the time. In 1914 she was taken over by the German admiralty and fitted out as a commerce raider with a naval crew. She sank two British vessels and then rendezvoused with three colliers to refuel at the Spanish West African port of Rio de Oro. After refusing the Spanish governor's requests to leave, she was caught there by the cruiser HMS HIGHFLYER which ordered her to leave, and on her refusal, sank her in port.[North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.560]

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